Webinar Notes // Binalyze AIR 1.7.50 Release Review



Emre Tinaztepe is a veteran Cyber Security expert who has been in the industry for 15 years. He is specialized in Reverse Engineering, Malware Analysis, Kernel Driver Development, and Software Engineering. Emre is the founder of Binalyze - an Incident Response Company developing next-generation solutions for solving the problems of modern incident response. He is a keen learner and a team leader by nature. Apart from actively coding with his team, he is training classes on Malware Analysis and Incident Response both on-demand and a full semester at TOBB ETU University.

Steve Jackson works as VP of Growth at Binalyze. In his words he is, “Entrepreneur. Fascinated by the future of tech and its effects. Writing, speaking and consulting about it for @RightTimePlace.”


Unfortunately I had problems with my internet connection near the very end but I think I didn’t miss much.

It was a short demonstration of their new release which has the features: features

By clicking this link you can read the details.