Webinar Notes // Advanced LinkedIn for OSINT Research

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Irina Shamaeva is a recognized leader in Sourcing, Social Recruiting, and Internet Research. Lately, her content has been gaining popularity in OSINT circles.

She is Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, an executive search firm that eventually expanded into research and training.

For more information about her you can visit her site or you can follow her twitter.


The organizer is a company called Social Links. Their product manager Sofya Oronova talked about their product, Social Links Pro.

You can watch their previous webinar recordings on their youtube channel.


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Some Questions Participants Asked

Q. Does this tool work on LinkedIn as well? (They talk about the browser extension Irina Shamaeva uses to scrape data.)
A. Instant data scraper does not work on LinkedIn. You can use Data Miner or another scraper.

Q. What do you think about doing research on linkedin directly in Google? Could it overcome “Linkedin difficulties” in research and/or booleans? like using “site: linkedin”?
A. Some - but there is no substitute for a filtered search.

Q. Do the search operators work for the Linkedin premium accounts and the accounts that with customized settings?
A. Yes, they do.